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DOGE 8 Tube Pre-Amplifier with integrated Tube PHONO Stage

Fantastic, absolute Top Class HighEnd,  with Phono Stage   build-up finest

With marvelous sound, smooth timbre, very good locating, precise playback in highest resolution, transparency and dynamic.



D8 Reference Class HighEnd Tube Preamplifier, under any aspect is unbeatable in its price class and far above, as fantastic as the DOGE 6 CD player described above, absolute top in playback, design as well as quality.

It fully is designed in dual mono layout with 2 separate power transformers, two totally symmetric circuits and extra power source for control unit.

D8 adopts classic SRPP amplifying circuit with high resolution and wide dynamic, reflected in frequency response of 5 Hz to 200 kHz ±1dB as well as SNR >100dB, with 1x 12AX7 in input stage and 1x 12AT7 in duo-phase stage for each track.

Top-quality components, such as polypropylene capacitors, gas contact relays controlled by microprocessor, ALPS motor-driven potentiometer with channel balance < 0.3 dB, metal film resistors, high-level RCA jacks, gold-plated, etc. are used.

2 Output groups RCA, no.1 with 20 dB voltage gain, no. 2 with 10 dB voltage gain, for better adoption of different power amplifiers are available and 1 output group balanced XLR additionally

IR remote control is adopted as well as the control output for connection of power amplifiers to remote linkage operation, including special 3 core cable (1x

output, 2x input) included in supply.

Additionally the  amp has a build-in PHONO stage, switchable between MM Tube and MC JFET's  amplification circuit, perhaps one of the finest available presently adopts both, MM as well as MC cartridges. Design of its circuitry tracks RIAA compensation curve with absolute accuracy and precision.

Enclosure is in dark-blue, with stainless steel front panel, polished.

Technical Data

Output level without distortion:

Input sensibility Main Channel at output level 2V:

Input sensibility PHONO Channel MM at output level 2V:

Input sensibility PHONO Channel MC at output level 2V:
Frequency Response:

Output Unevenness Main Channel from 20 Hz to 20 kHz:

Output Unevenness  PHONO MM 20 Hz to 20 kHz against RIAA:

Output Unevenness  PHONO MC 20 Hz to 20 kHz against RIAA:
Distortion THD Main Channel on output 1 kHz / 2 V:

Distortion THD  PHONO Channel MM on output 1 kHz / 2 V:

Distortion THD  PHONO Channel MC on output 1 kHz / 2 V:

SNR Main Channel:



Channel Separation:
Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
Tube Complement:

Input Channels:

Output Channels:

Control Channel:

Power Supply:

Power Consumption:

Remote control:

≥ 30 V

200 mV

5 mV

0.5 mV

5 Hz to 200 kHz

0.1 dB

0.2 dB

0.2 dB

≤ 0.05 %

≤0.1 %

≤0.1 %

≥ 100 dB

≥ 75 dB

≥ 62 dB

≥ 70 dB

50 kΩ

≤ 600 Ω

12AX7, 12AT7

6 groups RCA (5+1 PHONO)

2 groups RCA, 1 group balanced XLR


AC 110-115V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz

35 W


440x360x110 mm (WxDxH)

16 kg

Delivery Volume

Brand-new, original packing, once opened for check and short test, including the following items:

1 pre-amp, 1 remote control, 2 batteries AAA, 1 power cable, 1 control cable  connecting to final stages,

1 operating manual in English


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